Silk Luxury Travel Terms and Conditions:

Booking and Payment:

Silk Luxury Travel Agency CC, hereafter referred to as “Silk Luxury Travel,” specializes in curating bespoke luxury accommodations exclusively within Namibia.

Our esteemed clients may initiate bookings through our secure online platform or by contacting us directly via email. Upon receipt of a booking request, Silk Luxury Travel diligently ensures all requisite details are meticulously gathered to facilitate bookings at the desired venues.

For the convenience of our patrons, we facilitate payments through trusted platforms such as Paygate, DPO, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Payment links are promptly provided for online bookings.

It is incumbent upon clients to bear any incidental charges incurred during their sojourn.

Cancellation and Refund:

A preliminary deposit amounting to 40% of the total booking fee is obligatory within a stipulated period of 5 days subsequent to the issuance of a quotation to confirm the reservation.

Cancellation fees are contingent upon the prevailing cancellation policy instituted by each individual venue.

Refunds, where applicable, are computed in accordance with the cancellation policy delineated by the booked venue.

The initial 40% deposit remains non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Any ancillary fees are delineated by the policies promulgated by the respective venue.

Travel Insurance:

To safeguard their travel interests comprehensively, clients are strongly urged to procure suitable travel insurance coverage, as Silk Luxury Travel does not extend such provisions.


Silk Luxury Travel unequivocally disclaims any liability for consequential loss, injury, or damages incurred during the tenure of the client’s stay. Clients are hereby apprised of their individual responsibility for ensuring personal safety and well-being.

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