Silk Luxury Travel Privacy Policy:

Information Collection:

Silk Luxury Travel meticulously collects pertinent personal data, including but not limited to name, surname, email address, cellphone number, and children’s ages, exclusively for the purpose of facilitating accommodation reservations.

The information procured is strictly confined to the facilitation of booking procedures and is not leveraged for any extraneous endeavors.

Sharing of Information:

With an unwavering commitment to privacy, Silk Luxury Travel judiciously shares only indispensable personal data with the venues selected by clients for accommodation arrangements.

Under no circumstances does Silk Luxury Travel engage in the sale or dissemination of personal data to third-party entities for promotional endeavours.

Data Security:

Silk Luxury Travel diligently implements robust security protocols to fortify the sanctity of personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, manipulation, or obliteration.

Access and Control:

Upholding principles of transparency and autonomy, Silk Luxury Travel extends clients the prerogative to access, update, or expunge personal data upon request.

Privacy Policy Updates:

Silk Luxury Travel reserves the prerogative to periodically update its privacy policy to align with evolving business exigencies or statutory mandates. Such revisions shall be duly communicated and prominently displayed on our digital platforms.

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