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With FlyNamibia Safari, visitors to Namibia can reach the country’s top tourist destinations effortlessly and have more time to enjoy what truly matters. Departing from Hosea Kutako International Airport, the daily circuit includes flights to Sossusvlei, Swakopmund and Etosha National Park – all of them a quick and comfortable flight from the capital.

Safari Flights booking options

Private Charters

Private Charters offer the same service to the client as Exclusive Use Charters, with the exception that the aircraft and pilot may change between the various sectors. The flight times will be scheduled according to times previously agreed upon between the client and the reservations team. It remains the client’s responsibility to book accommodation for the pilot at each destination. However, the company reserves the right to utilise the aircraft and pilot for alternative flights in the area or beyond. The advantage is that the client does not have to bear the high costs of having the aircraft available on days when no flights are scheduled. This makes it a more affordable and efficient charter option, provided the client does not plan to change the routing or mind that the aircraft and pilot might change.

Exclusive use Charters

Exclusive Use Charters offer ultimate flexibility, comfort, and peace of mind when making a booking. The aircraft and pilot will be booked exclusively for the clients from the first flight sector to the last. The aircraft and pilot will remain with the clients for the entirety of the tour, which means that the client/operator needs to book accommodation for the pilot at each destination. The aircraft and pilot will be at the disposal of the clients, even on the days when there are no flights booked, if the clients want to do a scenic flight over the dunes or do a quick day-stop at the coast for oysters and champagne on the beach, before returning to the destination.

Scheduled Flights

Our scheduled flights are the perfect option for the person who wants to spend more on accommodation, activities, and experiences, and less on transport. The route takes you to specific tourism hotspots of Namibia, with a focus on
affordable, comfortable, and safe transport. The client has the option to fly the full circuit to all the destinations, or to only make use of specific sectors. There are no unnecessary costs to pay like pilot accommodation, additional seats, empty leg sectors.

Where we land

Hosea Kutako International Airport


Swakopmund Municipal Airport

Twyfelfontein Airstrip

Ongava Lodge Airfield

Mokuti Lodge Airfield

Luggage limitations

• LUGGAGE WEIGHT: 20kg (44lbs) maximum with hand luggage, camera equipment, etc. included.
• LUGGAGE DIMENSIONS: As depicted in the image above. Type of bag allowed: Soft duffle bag with no internal or external structure, with no retractable handle or wheels.
• OVERSIZE LUGGAGE: An additional seat may be booked per couple for an oversize luggage to a maximum of 60kg (133lbs). The maximum weight of a single luggage piece is 32kg.

The maximum weight for a single person booking is 10% more than the ICAO standard adult weight.
If there are two people in a booking, then the combined average weight for the couple may be used; and the single person weight is not applicable.
• Average shared weight per couple: 188 KG (414 LBS)
• Single person weight: 94 KG (207 LBS)
If you are above this weight, an additional seat needs to be booked. A maximum of 60kg (133lbs)
above the limit.

Check-in times

1 HOUR prior to departure time

45 MIN prior to departure time

45 MIN prior to departure time

45 MIN prior to departure time

45 MIN prior to departure time

Starting from: N$ 5,150.00


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