Little Ongava at Etosha National Park

An intimate haven in the embrace of the wild. Little Ongava, a captivating oasis in the bush, awaits at the end of a wooden boardwalk. Three thatch-roofed villas blend seamlessly with the outdoors, offering ample indoor space for every indulgence. Impeccably furnished, it reignites your passion for the wild, inviting you to embark on the ultimate sensory adventure.

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“Wayakurua!” – In the Otjiherero language of our Namibian heartland, it means “Welcome.” At Ongava, this greeting embodies the essence of African hospitality, reimagined in a new era of luxury.

Respecting the natural environment, our lodges are crafted from indigenous materials, blending traditional bush techniques with contemporary touches. From the moment you arrive to stepping into your suite, we want you to experience the same exhilaration and awe that we feel as custodians of Ongava’s timeless wonders.

Wherever you stay at Ongava, the memories of this magical space will linger with you for a lifetime. “Wayakurua!”

A new lexicon of luxury

Little Ongava, Namibia’s ultimate luxury accommodation, offers privacy, luxury, and a profound connection with the land, boasting pristine views across the Ongava plains. Perched atop a hill, it provides breathtaking vistas stretching for miles to the horizon, making it a focal point of any Etosha journey.

This intimate camp features only three spacious suites, each with its own plunge pool, en-suite bathroom, “sala,” and outdoor shower. The lounge and dining areas offer stunning views of a productive waterhole below, while the open deck allows for stylish dining under the African sky.

Guests enjoy exclusive experiences with a dedicated guide and vehicle, ensuring the best nature encounters in this wildlife-rich area. Activities include wildlife-viewing drives, visits to hides overlooking waterholes, guided walks, and encounters with white rhinos. Additionally, game drives and day trips to Etosha National Park are available.

Little Ongava Etosha Namibia

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