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Discover Gmundner Lodge - Windhoek

Gmundner Lodge blends heritage and contemporary luxury, reflecting Namibia’s unique landscape and culture. Powered by solar energy and constructed with locally sourced, sustainable materials, it harmonizes with nature, fostering adventure and connection. Conveniently situated only 35 minutes from Hosea Kutako International Airport near Windhoek, Namibia.

Embracing a philosophy of sustainable luxury, Gmundner Lodge beckons guests to immerse themselves in a personalized back-to-nature experience amidst Namibia’s awe-inspiring wilderness. As a timeless representation of wild luxury, it seamlessly combines unrivalled comfort with exceptional service and meaningful experiences that pay homage to the region’s rich heritage.

Sustainable Luxury Retreat

Moreover, Gmundner Lodge encourages extended stays, affording visitors the opportunity to delve deeper into Namibia’s captivating culture and storied history. By doing so, guests can truly savor the authentic essence of this unique destination, forging indelible memories that will linger long after their departure.

The lodge’s commitment to sustainability is woven throughout, from the carefully curated amenities to the thoughtfully designed activities that minimize environmental impact. Consequently, guests can revel in the splendor of nature without compromising its pristine beauty for future generations.

In addition to basking in the tranquility of the wilderness, visitors can anticipate a warm and personalized touch, as the attentive staff ensures that every need is met with gracious hospitality. Ultimately, Gmundner Lodge promises an unforgettable journey that harmoniously blends luxury, adventure, and environmental stewardship.

Immersive Safari Elegance: Unveiling the Charms of Our Lodge

Thoughtfully designed for leisurely afternoon aperitifs or post-safari drinks, our lodge exudes safari nostalgia. Handcrafted campaign furniture and inviting lounge spaces adorned with antique safari curiosities, telescopes, and binoculars set the scene.

To fully embrace the natural setting, the lodge’s canvas exteriors retract, unveiling sweeping views of the landscape and passing wildlife. Cloud-like sunbeds encircle the infinity pool, providing a refreshing escape from the daytime heat while capturing spectacular sunset vistas from the deck’s edge.

As night falls, the lodge is bathed in the warm glow of lanterns and candlelight, revealing an incomparable onyx sky adorned with stars. Best enjoyed from the expansive deck or gathered around the boma’s fire, it offers a truly magical experience.

Luxury Accommodation Windhoek Namibia Gmundner Lodge

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