Luxury Accommodation Etosha National Park - Anderssons at Ongava
Luxury Accommodation Etosha National Park - Anderssons at Ongava

Anderssons at Ongava

Anderssons at Ongava is a special place. It sits next to Etosha National Park in Namibia. Anderssons has a unique style. The style blends modern design with African and Mediterranean touches.

The lodge was named after Charles Andersson. Charles Andersson explored Etosha Pan long ago. He was one of the first people to see the beautiful salt pan.

Staying at Anderssons gives you great opportunities. You can easily spot many kinds of wildlife and game. The animals roam freely in the national park next door. Seeing them up close is an amazing experience.

The accommodations at Anderssons are very luxurious. But the lodge also cares about the environment. It blends luxury with ecotourism in a special way. The rooms let you watch wildlife in total comfort. Staying here creates unforgettable memories.

Anderssons offers the best of both worlds. You can see amazing animals in a breathtaking setting. At the same time, you enjoy a life of luxury. It lets you connect with nature’s beauty. All while staying in complete comfort and style.

Luxury blend with Nature

At the heart of the new Anderssons at Ongava design is its deep connection to the wilderness, felt notably at the waterhole and nearby underground viewing hide. Here, guests can observe abundant wildlife and birdlife at eye level, fostering intimacy amid nature’s grandeur.

A centrally positioned infinity-edge swimming pool and surrounding lounge area offer secluded spots for relaxation, with views extending to the waterhole and beyond.

The social hub, where guests gather for meals and wildlife discussions, features an undercover and open-air dining space, a spacious lounge and bar, a sunken observation terrace, and open fireplaces for cozy winter evenings.

Luxury Accommodation Etosha National Park Namibia Anderssons at Ongava
Luxury Accommodation Etosha National Park - Anderssons at Ongava

Delight in the magic of the bush

At Anderssons at Ongava, specialist photographic parties have a dedicated nook specifically for image review and editing. In addition to this, the camp also offers Namibian curios, a library, Wi-Fi, and moreover, access to research data from Ongava’s scientific endeavors.

Within the camp itself, guests can explore the Ongava Research Centre, where resident scientists diligently conduct research. Furthermore, at the adjacent Ongava Visitor Centre, guests can engage with science through a self-guided exhibition area. They can also experience interactive presentations in the 36-seat auditorium there.

Not only does the camp cater to photographers and wildlife enthusiasts, but it also provides opportunities to delve into scientific research and education. Consequently, visitors can immerse themselves in both the natural wonders and the intellectual pursuits fostered at this unique location. Overall, Anderssons at Ongava offers a well-rounded experience that combines luxury accommodation with scientific exploration and cultural engagement.  You can check out the Etosha Live Cam at Okaukuejo 

Anderssons at Ongava Etosha Namibia

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